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A86. E. Bibaj, K. Lysigaki, J.W. Nolan, E.A. Deliyanni, A.C. Mitropoulos*, G.Z. Kyzas*, “Activated carbons from banana peels for the removal of nickel ions”,  International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology xx (2018) xxx-xxx  [IF 1.915].

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A81. J. Fu, G.Z. Kyzas*, Z. Cai, E.A. Deliyanni, W. Liu, D. Zhao, “Photocatalytic degradation of phenanthrene bygraphite oxide-TiO2-Sr(OH)2 nanocomposite under solar irradiation: Effects of water quality parameters and predictive modeling”, Chemical Engineering Journal 335 (2018) 290-300 [IF 6.216].

A80. G.Z. Kyzas*, E.A. Deliyanni, K.A. Matis, N.K. Lazaridis, D.N. Bikiaris, A.C. Mitropoulos, “Emerging nanocomposite biomaterials as biomedical adsorbents: An overview”, Composite Interfaces 25 (2018) 415-454 [IF 1.083].

A79. O. Gianak, G.Z. Kyzas, V.F. Samanidou*, E.A. Deliyanni*, “A review for the synthesis of silk fibroin nanoparticles with different techniques and their ability to be used for drug delivery”, Current Analytical Chemistry xx (2018) xxx-xxx [IF 1.308].


A78. M. Papageorgiou, S.G. Nanaki, G.Z. Kyzas, C. Koulouktsi, D.N. Bikiaris, D.A. Lambropoulou*, “Novel isocyanate-modified carrageenan polymer materials: Preparation, characterization and application adsorbent materials of pharmaceuticals”, Polymers 9 (2017) Article ID 595 [IF 3.364].

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A75. I. Anastopoulos*, V.A. Anagnostopoulos, A. Bhatnagar, A.C. Mitropoulos, G.Z. Kyzas*, “A review for chromium removal by carbon nanotubes”, Chemistry and Ecology 33 (2017) 572-588 [IF 1.463].

A74G.Z. Kyzas, D.N. Bikiaris, D.A. Lambropoulou*, “Effect of humic acid on pharmaceuticals adsorption with sulfonic acid grafted chitosan”, Journal  of Molecular Liquids 230 (2017) 1-5 [IF 3.648].

A73. A. Anastopoulos*, A. Bhatnagar, D.N. Bikiaris, G.Z. Kyzas*, “Chitin adsorbents for toxic metals: A review”, International Journal  of Molecular Sciences 18 (2017) Article ID 114 [IF 3.226].

A72. A. Anastopoulos*, M. Karamesouti*, A.C. Mitropoulos, G.Z. Kyzas*, “A review for coffee adsorbents”, Journal  of Molecular Liquids 229 (2017) 555-565 [IF 3.648].

A71. E.A. Deliyanni, G.Z. Kyzas, K.A. Matis*, “Various flotation techniques for metal ions removal”, Journal  of Molecular Liquids 225 (2017) 260-264 [IF 3.648].


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A69. P.I. Siafaka, M. Mone, I.G. Koliakou, G.Z. Kyzas, D.N. Bikiaris*, “Synthesis and physicochemical properties of a new biocompatible chitosan grafted with 5-hydroxymethylfurfural”, Journal  of Molecular Liquids 222 (2016) 268-271 [IF 3.648].

A68. G.Z. Kyzas, P.I. Siafaka, M. Kostoglou, D.N. Bikiaris*, “Adsorption of As(III) and As(V) onto colloidal micorparticles of commercial cross-linked polyallylamine (Sevelamer) from single and binary ion solutions”, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 474 (2016) 137-145 [IF 4.233].

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A64. S.N. Nandeshwar, A.S. Mahakalakar, R.R. Gupta, G.Z. Kyzas*, “Green activated carbons from different waste materials for the removal of iron from real wastewater samples of Nag River, India”, Journal of Molecular Liquids 216 (2016) 688-692 [IF 3.648].

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A59. D.A. Giannakoudakis, G.Z. Kyzas, A. Avranas, N.K. Lazaridis*, “Multi-parametric adsorption effects of the reactive dye removal with commercial activated carbons”, Journal of Molecular Liquids 213 (2016) 381-389 [IF 3.648].


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A55. G.Z. Kyzas, Z. Terzopoulou, V. Nikolaidis, E. Alexopoulou, D.N. Bikiaris*, “Low-cost hemp biomaterials for nickel ions removal from aqueous solutions”, Journal of Molecular Liquids 209 (2015) 209-218 [IF 3.648].

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A52. S.Y. Liu, J. Liu, J.J. Zhao, D.S. Xia, F. Pan*, C. Liu, G.Z. Kyzas, J. Fu*, “Effects of palygorskite on the sewage sludge composting: chemical forms of copper and metabolism of microbial community”, Environmental Technology 36 (2015) 2855-2862 [IF 1.751]. 

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A47G.Z. Kyzas, S.G. Nanaki, A. Koltsakidou, M. Papageorgiou, M. Kechagia, D.N. Bikiaris, D.A. Lambropoulou*, “Effectively designed molecularly imprinted polymers for selective isolation of the antidiabetic drug metformin and its transformation product guanylurea from aqueous media”, Analytica Chimica Acta 866 (2015) 27-40 [IF 4.950].

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2007 – 2011

A07. G.Z. Kyzas, M. Kostoglou, A.A. Vassiliou, N.K. Lazaridis*, “Treatment of real effluents from dyeing reactor: Experimental and modelling approach by adsorption onto chitosan”, Chemical Engineering Journal 168 (2011) 577-585 [IF 6.216].

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